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Ron, Steve

Badger Inventory Service was formed in 1986 by Ron Brock and Steve Simer. Both Ron and Steve had extensive experience not only in the inventory business, but both had operated their own retail stores, understanding the need for accurate inventories.


Ron owned his own store in downtown Milwaukee. Steve managed 22 convenience stores in Wisconsin. Ron and Steve had over 15 years of inventory experience before starting Badger Inventory Service.


Both Ron and Steve saw the need for an inventory service that would cater to small businesses. There were already inventory companies that wanted to do Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Sears. Ron and Steve wanted to take care of the individual business owner that had one or two stores.

They started small, specializing in convenience stores and shortly added a few small grocery stores. Before long, happy customers’ referrals increased

business and as a result Badger has continued to grow and add staff.

Still today, Ron is involved in every aspect of the business. Although the staff has grown to over 80 employees, it still remains a family-operated business. Many of Badger’s employees have been with them since the beginning, and the number of employees with over 10, 15, 20 years experience is growing every day.

Badger’s goal is and always has been to provide their customers with the most accurate, efficient inventory available while creating a healthy, appreciative work environment for all of its staff members!

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